Maple almond ice cream

We would have walked down the aisle yesterday if it wasn’t for a squishy little someone making an appearance. So instead of nursing a hangover from the wild bohemian wedding party we would have thrown, the Northerner is having a lie-in on his very first Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day, daddies, it’s going to be a scorcher. While Baby Lemons is kicking around his toys in nought but a nappy, I decided to make ice cream.

It isn’t always easy (or affordable) to find a dairy-free, soy-free alternative to your bog standard ice cream… that doesn’t break the bank. Although I’m partial to Almond Dream’s Vanilla ice cream (available at Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Asda), for £4.99 a pop, it sure is a treat in more than one sense.

The Northerner gave me a KitchenAid Artisan for Christmas, something I wanted but would never have bought myself. A perfect present, in other words. It came with the usual accessories and has been a fantastic helper for all types of doughs – sweet and savoury. When I dug deeper into the KitchenAid world, however, I couldn’t believe the possibilities, including making my own ice cream. I bought the KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment only a month ago and I’ve already made four batches. FOUR! Yes, yes, yes, I’ve been eating a lot of ice cream, that’s right. But it’s also so darn easy and I wanted to figure out how to make delicious dairy-free ice cream to share a recipe with the world. It wasn’t a selfish endeavour after all!


  • 800ml alternative milk. As I named this recipe “maple almond ice cream”, I should really suggest almond, vanilla or chocolate almond, but hazelnut, lactose-free and other Low FODMAP milk alternatives work as well
  • 250ml lactose-free cream
  • 150ml maple syrup
  • pinch of salt


Mix milk, cream, maple syrup and salt. Churn for 20 min to cool and thicken. It’s 20 mins for the KitchenAid ice cream maker or simply follow the instructions on your ice cream maker. You could eat it right there and then as a soft and creamy ice cream or transfer to a container with lid and freeze for 3-4 hours. If you choose the latter, remember to take it out of the freezer ahead of the ice cream binge, so it has time to melt a bit. 10 minutes should really suffice… if you can wait that long, that is.

This is a base recipe and gives plenty of room for experimentation both during the churning process and afterwards. For instance, you could add chocolate buttons (check for lactose and even gluten), chopped nuts, caramel, cake/cookie crumbs towards the end of your churn, around the 18 minute mark. As I’m the only one in this household eating this delicious ice cream (the Northerner prefers the shop-bought, dairy containing variety), I simply make the base recipe and add toppers depending on my mood just like a sundae, e.g. chocolate with chocolate on top, strawberries, and other such delights. What do you like on your ice cream sundae?

… and here’s for a mesmerising clip of almond-cream concoctions churning. Enjoy!

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