#LowFodmapGBBO: Great British Bake Off 2017 – the Low FODMAP edition

If you’re anything like me, you gravitate towards cooking shows like a moth to a flame. Just like the moth, the food prepared and dished up on those shows would be disastrous to our delicate tummies. Ever since I started this blog, I’ve started to watch the shows through a different lens. At first, it was primarily for entertainment and perhaps a technique or two… now I imagine how I can adjust the recipe to be flavourful AND tummy friendly.

Cue: This year’s Great British Bake Off.

With its controversial move away from the BBC to Channel 4 and the departure of much loved judges and presenters, #GBBO has filled a-many culinary headlines. All I’m thinking about, however, is: Why isn’t there a Low FODMAP version of this? 

Now, this is neither new nor terribly imaginative, but it spurs me on to think about cooking and baking differently. Not only am I going to endeavour to bake along the GBBO schedule and adjust the recipes or prompts to the Low FODMAP diet, I’ll also try and concoct them as sugar-free treats. Yup, this girl doesn’t take an easy route.

That said, I’ve got a very demanding 8-month old kicking around the house, so I only commit to baking one of the three rounds the GBBO contestants tackle each week AND it’ll never ever be a showstopper.

First week: cake week

For cake week, I reimagined my mother’s Rhabarber-Baiser or rhubarb meringue cake through a Low FODMAP and sugar-free lens. The meringue didn’t come out as glorious as a sugar-containing meringue and the sweetness of the base needed to be kicked up a notch, but I’m pretty happy with the end result. The recipe reflects the changes.

Second week: biscuits

To be frank, I wasn’t very inspired by this week’s biscuit challenges on the Great British Bake Off. A cookie sandwich? How queer. It was the lesser of three evils though, so off I went to wreck my brain for baked goods that would fit the brief. It’s my birthday on Saturday and my dad is coming for a visit, so why not make something that is presentable, nice-tasting and a bit of a treat? Why not indeed. Recipe can be found here.

Third week: bread

Week 3 brought us Bread Week. I had just come across quinoa flour in my local wholefoods store after I’ve eaten quinoa in all other variations: flakes in porridge, whole as a gluten-free couscous and popped in granola, so why not flour in my bread?! Yes, why not. I present to you: quinoa bread rolls.

Fourth week: caramel

Oooh, that’s a tricky one for someone who’s trying to live sugar-free. Tricky, but not impossible. With a bit more effort than I’d usually put into a bake-along, I made my own sugar-free caramel (easier than thought) and then my own version of Snickers.

Fifth week: puddings

The episode hasn’t aired yet but – being German – I’ll have to do some digging into what constitutes a pudding in this country. ‘Pudding’ in Germany is almost always a custard… I don’t think that’d fly in the Great British Bake Off bake-along.


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