Low FODMAP in season: October

It’s better for your local economy, the environment, your wallet and – for the aspiring chef in me – seasonal produce simply tastes better than anything that’s grown in a greenhouse, harvested before its time to ripen while it’d be shipped for hundreds and thousands of miles to be sold in our supermarkets.

Don’t get me wrong, I have known to enjoy a pineapple in December. But I really stopped and thought when our neighbourhood farm shop – a destination for local produce to support our farmers – offered bananas and oranges. I’m pretty certain that exotic fruit did not grow on trees or in the earth of Hertfordshire (UK).

Although a low FODMAP diet is already very restrictive, I vowed to eat and cook as seasonally as possible. So here’s what’s in season this month (FODMAP and portion size information provided by Monash University):


You can have generous amounts of the following produce.

Leeks (green parts only)
Cabbage, common
Cabbage, red
Chicory leaves
Radicchio lettuce


Stick to the portion sizes per sitting to avoid flare-ups. If you know that you’re okay with – say, fructose – you can experiment with larger portions of, for instance, broccoli. 

Produce FODMAP Portion size
Broccoli Fructose 1/2 cup, heads only
Beetroot Oligos 2 slices
Squash, butternut Oligos, Polyols 1/4 cup, diced
Cabbage, savoy Oligos 1/2 cup
Corn Polyols 1/2 cob


The following produce are high in FODMAPs and should be avoided initially and dealt with cautiously in the reintroduction phase. 

Produce FODMAP
Wild Mushrooms** Polyols
Plums Oligos, Polyols
Blackberries Polyols
Nectarines Oligos, Polyols
Artichoke Oligos
Apples Fructose, Polyols
Cauliflower Polyols
Shallots Oligos
Onions Oligos
Pears Fructose, Polyols

*nightshade vegetable cause problems for some people with IBS
**tinned mushrooms are moderate FODMAP if you’re really craving a shroom

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