Low FODMAP in season: December

In the third edition of “Low FODMAP in season”, we’re taking a critical look at what produce will shine on our plates this month. As a reminder: seasonal produce is better for you as

  • it’s full of nutrients
  • better for the environment as it doesn’t have to travel 1000s of miles to get to you,
  • better for your local community as you support your local farmers and
  • tastes so, so much better.

It’s a win all around. Here’s what’s in season this month (FODMAP and portion size information provided by Monash University):


You can have generous amounts of the following produce.

Leeks, leaves
Winter squash


Stick to the portion sizes per sitting to avoid flare-ups. If you know that you’re okay with – say, fructose – you can experiment with larger portions of, for instance, broccoli. 

Produce FODMAP Portion size
Brussel sprouts Fructose 2 sprouts only
Pomegranate Oligo-fructanes 1/4 cup seeds
Rutabaga Polyol-sorbitol 1 cup, sized
Turnip Polyol-sorbitol 1 cup, sized


The following produce is high in FODMAPs and should be avoided initially and dealt with cautiously in the reintroduction phase. 

Produce FODMAP
Dates Oligos, Fructans
Grapefruit Oligos, Fructans
Leeks, bulb Oligos

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  1. Capricious Lestrange says:

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know i nominated you for a Liebster Award. Normally I would contact you in private, but I couldn’t find any way to do so. You can find the details on the Zebra Pit blog, in my Liebster Award Nomincation post. You don’t have to accept, but all the details are on the post. Thanks and best wishes!


    1. Lemons says:

      Hey there, that’s amazing, thank you. I’ll definitely take a look. You can email me to growingupandlikingit (at) gmail.com (I’ll also add that somewhere on the page for future ref). All the best!

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